Jan 28, 2014

Christian =/= Good Person

A lot of people say going to church doesn't make you a good person. Doing good things and being good-hearted does. They say it in an angry, attacking way: "stop being a hypocrite. Stop feeling you're a good person just because you are a Christian. So you call me a wretched man, that I'm going to Hell? You're just as much of a sinner yourself."

Well duh! Isn't it obvious? Why do people even think that being Christian makes you a good person in the first place? That's just absurd. Christianity is acknowledging that you AREN'T a good person; you can't save yourself. We are all sinners. No one is entirely righteous. All being a Christian means is that we are just as fallen and hopeless as any other person, but we're looking for a source of strength in Him. He has chosen to love us, and none of us deserve it. Heaven is not something anyone earned; it's not us, it's Him. Duh.

I feel so sorry for anyone who has been condemned and judged outright, for anyone who was told they were going to hell for not accepting Christ or whatever. I mean, it's unfathomable. I'd hate the people of the religion if it had happened to me. Instead, when I first went to church, I got nothing but love and non-condemnation, even when my non-Christian schoolmates called me a disgusting sinner.

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