Dec 4, 2013

the side we hide

well we were talking. why do we get all the drama? everyone else’s life is so calm and fine

and i’m like are you actually saying that?

if there’s anything we’ve learnt recently it’s that ALL OUR LIVES are so turbulent

being tossed around tossed around, well sometimes it’s more like we’re a speck in a cup and everything’s whirling around us but someone who’s outside the cup knows that it’s going to be okay

but anyhow

i can’t believe you said that, now, after all this. everyone’s facing their load of shit. it’s college. hormones and emotions are messed up. people have also seen things, been places, swum depths.

i guess you haven’t heard and seen from the rest here as much as i have maybe. but the people who seem so carefree and pure, they have. they have been places. they have their layers and it amazes me. makes me feel both sad and amazed at how much depth there is in each individual, how we have barely put our fingernails to the surface of the iceberg of human experience in this world.

and i am so, very, so very sure that almost everyone thinks you’re this fine and dandy chap who hasn’t really known pain. simple-minded carefree happy person who only experiences the good stuff, and has not broken.

i have seen the sides of you that break my heart, too. but that’s because i have been one of the few privy to the behind-the-scenes. your movie reel is still playing. everyone’s is.

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