Dec 22, 2013

because love, and a shower of blessings

And inevitably the conversation turned to relationships, and Daryl asked what your ideal spouse would be. And Xi Min said that the perfect partner is the one you choose. And I mentioned this line from this Tim Minchin song which goes, "I don't think you're special. I mean, I think you're special, but you fall within a bell curve." And Xi Min said that's what makes love so wonderful: that out of this whole range of people who are vaguely attractive, but equally un-special, you chose someone and made them special. 

Isn't it lovely? The Bengawan Solo cashier, the poorly dressed aunty who brushes past you, the yawning man on the bus - each is the most beautiful person in the world to at least one other person; each has his/her own treasure trove of experiences that got them to exactly where they are at this moment. Behind every dull passing face is a slew of colourful experiences and thoughts, a whole life's twisted journey, a jungle, just like how we feel our own lives have so much contained within, so much more than meets the eye.

I am now reminded of this Threadless tee I saw once of a lion sinking its teeth into a zebra, and out of its black and white body sprayed forth blood of bright colours, like brilliant light spilling out of a small hole in darkness, screaming its hidden brilliance.

So I got back from Nepal yesterday (will blog about it more in the next few days) and will be leaving for KL tomorrow. I met up with four people separately in the past two days: four very special people with very special friendships that I'm very thankful to have (and/or to have had) in my life. Ended this little tour with dinner with the kor kor, who had just finished his pan-island tour too, going round to people's houses to deliver them gifts. I met him at the control station and he was wearing his Yale-NUS shades and he was like "are you Karen? Can you sign this please" and delivered me his gift, DHL-style.

It's now 1am and I haven't packed for KL, but I'm not sure if I can find the self-discipline to put his letters down - the daily log I made him promise to do in response to the letters I wrote him for every day I was away in Nepal (because I want to be around even when I'm not).

I am currently sitting on my new bed in my old room, my stuff all over the place, feeling very content and at peace with how I have spent the past two days in Singapore, with the people I have talked to face-to-face or online - although, Sarah, the chat was not enough; gotta meet again before you leave, and thank you so much for that amazing card. No, actually, in fact, none of the meetups fully satisfied, although they were fantastic. Only the start, despite the road already being so far trodden. Still only the initial trickle of a river. Still a gush of conversations to come.

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