Nov 10, 2013


This is for you who thinks I am devout out of naiveté. Who thinks I am who I am because I don't know any better; that I am ignorant, unexposed. That I will break away from the ignorant confines of religion once I have been enlightened by life.

I thought you'd know better.

You do not speak with any greater level of knowledge of authority than I. I have been places. I have been to the depths, and I know. This does not mean I don't have to stop myself now. This doesn't mean I do not yearn, and that I am completely indifferent to the possibilities of being tempted and swayed. But I know what it does to me. My decisions are not born of blissful, pure ignorance. Purity isn't only an initial state of being, a level zero before you climb the steps of experience.

Purity is a decision. It's something you can decide to come back to.

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