Nov 4, 2013

new tumblr

Decided to delete my old useless tumblr and start a new one. Here it is:

I'm not sure how public it should be - was considering not telling anyone the link at all - but putting the link on my blog is probably as announced as it'll get anyhow. I thought I was just going to use it to reblog stuff, but it's so friggin' user-friendly, they make reblogging and quoting and especially picture-posting so freaking convenient that I found myself looking through my albums and doing throwbacks or just posting pictures with little commentaries because there are always whole backstories and ponderings that makes each picture meaningful and important to me. So maybe the tumblr will be a little more personal and less poetic / creative than this blog, although this one will still always be a refuge for my emotions, my outlet and comfort, the paper on which my fingers bleed to help it take flight.

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