Nov 2, 2013


"When a thirsty man reaches for a jug, it is because he knows for certain that it contains liquid; but when he drowns in the limpid waves of the ocean, he no longer thinks of that weeping unglazed jar." 
- Yusuf and Zulaikha 

I love this book. Beautiful quotes just keep jumping at you. This one has to do with outward appearances. They're talking about how handsome Yusuf is, and how beautiful Zulaikha is, and one day she meets Yusuf in a dream and is captivated by his beauty; we are all attracted to the exterior first, hoping that it's a glimpse of what's within. But the exterior - the jug - is only useful for what it holds. No matter what the jug looks like on the outside, once we take in what's within, the exterior that holds this inner self doesn't matter anymore.

"The heart which is free of lovesickness is not a heart at all; the body bereft of the pangs of love is nothing but clay and water...
If you would be free, be a captive to love. 
If you wish for joy, open your breast to the suffering of love."

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