Sep 24, 2013

if i happen to die anytime soon

1) Peiyun gets my guitar.

2) My cajon goes to my brother, although Joshua Wong and Jevon are totally completely free to borrow it anytime they want (I Will Feel Offended If You Don't Borrow It)

3) The photos in my dorm go to whoever I took each photo with (if there's more than one other person in the photo, let them sort it out among themselves. Except the one where Sau and I pose with a sign that says We (heart) Kevin - I'm sure both of us would want him to have it)

4) My phone and my diary are mine and mine alone. I guess they have to be burnt (or buried with me)'s sad that we can't preserve memories forever; they die with us.

5) At my funeral, Kevin must do me a eulogy in poetry.

6) All my money, of course, goes back to my parents. I'd regret that I can't earn more to pay them back.

7) My bible goes to Sumay.

8) My books are for any of my friends, provided they share them after they're done with them!

9) It'd be lovely if my 'random little bits of writing'-tabbed posts were compiled and printed and shared, just because.

10) My Macbook goes to my tuition kid and friend at the Salvation Army, Cecilia.

11) I love every single one of you whom I've encountered in my life, from my kindergarten classmates to my JC friends and Yale-NUS classmates and family and cousins, because you have given me a memory, and with experience comes lessons and everything intangible and irreplaceable.

12) Thank you for not dying before me.

(HAHA no I'm not expecting myself to die in Greece / feeling suicidal / feeling sad or anything. Just thought it'd be fun to do)

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