Apr 24, 2013

Walking around aimlessly is quite therapeutic

I found my queer kids' lane right here in Singapore today. They still can't compare to the beautiful Penang walls, but this will do for now.

(I realised I never explained the imagery behind queerkidslane. I'll do it sometime soon.)

So sometimes, when all you are is tired, when you're just tired and you feel like you've been giving too much of yourself without getting what you need in return, when you're giving your heart away and when you feel you're valuing people far more than they value you and you feel like a sad little desperate puppy, all you need is some time away. Far away from wherever you've been spending your days. Somewhere not in the city, not filled with people or fluorescent lighting. You've had too much of that already. Let Google take you to a foreign place. Take your heart on a walk, away from the pains of clinging on more than it should, and let it go. Let go. Breathe a little.

And end up in a nice little cafe like the one I'm at now: L'Etoile Cafe at Owen Road!

Their iced chooclate is really good and the drinks aren't too expensive and they've got cute furniture and comfy seats and they've got a cylinder of soft toys and a stack of magazines beside my sofa. This place is good. Definitely coming back whenever I've got some heart-settling to do.

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