Mar 28, 2013

My only poetic attempt

5. Please write a poem on the theme of mirrors, using the following form: one stanza of 7 lines, each line having exactly 7 syllables, followed by one stanza of 8 lines each of 8 syllables. Do not use any adjectives, and do not spend more than 45 minutes on the exercise. 

I hate myself. A friend is
one you trust, who allows you
to see who you really are.
People think I am a friend,
trust me with all their hearts; they
think I reveal the truth, but
I lie, I lie all the time.

An angel runs over to me
to escape the taunts of witches.
Get away, I only tell lies;
but still she looks into my eyes.
I want to reveal the beauty
inside, but she can't see past her
freckles, the redness of her eyes.
And I curse myself as she cries.

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