Feb 11, 2013

Anyway, does anyone read this blog?

Quite a number of people have emailed me to tell me that they read my blog and stuff before, and a couple have added me on Facebook. I know of a couple of people who said my blog inspired them to do certain things... Everytime someone tells me something like this, that they don't know me but they bookmarked my blog or that I inspired them to join ACJC / Council / to restart their own blog and stuff, I feel very thankful. After all, it's always been my dream to write to let someone else feel that she isn't alone; to make others realise that the things that they're going through are perfectly normal, written on their screen by another; to be the comforting words that soothes a soul, like a friend.

I used to write a lot more emo stuff, and maybe those posts resonated better with other sad people (although my friends used to say they avoided my blog because it was so emo it was stupid). I didn't really like talking about my own life and things like how my days were going, but since I graduated from school the topics of my blog posts has changed a lot.

It's okay if I don't really get readers anymore, because this blog is primarily for myself; blogging's the only and best way I know to soothe my heart and clear my head. But I'm just wondering if I've got any other silent readers, whom I may or may not know, who come and visit and like (or don't like) what I write. Do let me know! Email or Facebook message me or something. Don't think it's weird, please. I'd be really really touched to know you read this, being someone who likes to connect to others through writing and all. I mean, I really don't even know if anyone reads this thing. (Other than HW ^_^)

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