Jan 25, 2013

The cultured superstitious

We look at ourselves in the year 2013, all big and new and grown-up, and think we're so much more enlightened than the people in the past. We know so incredibly much about the Earth and the workings of the universe now, and we can even form speculations about behavioural natures, whether it's with regard to ourselves or animals or God, imposing on everything else what we call rationalisation. Advances in technology have brought us so far. All those people before us, all their weird superstitions and dubious medical practices, we've moved on from that.

The truth is, we're still very much steeped in superstition. We've just replaced the word with "theory" or "concept" or some long scientific term. Something that's backed up with opaque terminology and years of research. We think we've mastered the workings of the world, but we still know practically nothing. We're just as superstitious. Maybe we're all wrong about everything.

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