Jan 11, 2013

Overthinking Shitting

(In response to Sau's Overthinking Hugs)


So my tuition tonight just got cancelled, and I was thinking of meeting Theo after work instead, so that I could go shopping with Sumay tomorrow. But I decided not to meet him tonight in the end because I felt like shitting, and I don't like shitting anywhere outside home. Don't like doing number twos in public places. And he was like, but you're going to be living at Yale-NUS for the next four years! And I'm like yeah...I was thinking of making trips all the way home when I need to shit in the future. I have this phobia of my hair and whatever smelling gross. Like, if I shit I HAVE to bathe.

Side note: Yesterday at work they had these leftover Starbucks coffee carrier thingies. I thought they were really pretty so since they were going to be thrown away I took one home and made it my own! :D

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