Jan 23, 2013

one of those mornings

Your heart pumps like you haven't slept and just drank three cups of coffee on an empty stomach. You feel like you could drop dead any moment, but you can't go back to sleep. You can't be bothered to rush to school. You want to stroll at your own super-leisurely pace, because your heart is weighing you down. You can't explain it and you have no idea why, but your heart just feels so heavy. You don't feel like talking. You reply everyone in a soft, tired voice. You don't feel like sitting up straight. You're a sad slushy blob. All you want to do is lie in some nice sunny field and soak in the happy rays and feel your gloomy tunes seep into the soil and have someone to hold. You're surrounded by good pals, yet feel so alone. Your heavy heart yearns for somewhere far away and just one friend, a friend to lie in the quiet of the morning with you, not to say a word.

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