Jul 29, 2012

Random friend feature

I'm doing this because on my birthday in JC1, when I walked into the Math classroom, you passed me the cutest soft toy bear; I took it, said thank you, proceeded to sit a seat away, and didn't speak to you the rest of the lesson.

Also because in JC2, I walked into Econs class in a horrible mood. You asked what was wrong; I ignored you for a long while, and then proceeded to pour out a fiery rage, and then went back to ignoring you, and it was only quite some time after the lesson that I realised it was your birthday.

And because you've endured the worst of my moods. You've listened to me rage unceasingly about the same thing over and over again. I've ignored you countless times, not because you did anything to upset me, but because I just wasn't in the mood. And every single time, you were so patient. So full of concern and love. Just wanting to see me happy. All your random magic tricks and sudden bright moods in an attempt to make me smile. Your willingness to wait it out with me. You never fired back even once, or gave up waiting.

But mostly because I suddenly feel like doing this. And you take such good photos.

So, Derrick, I was in a pretty crappy mood the whole week, and I thought it was probably time to meet up with friends I've known for a longer time, friends who know me well, friends with whom I feel completely comfortable, whether in silence or in endless conversations. I knew I had to meet you and WL soon, spend some quality time together and remind myself that I have people who truly understand and love me, and friendships that have proven to (and will) withstand the test of time.

So here's a list of random memories I have of us.

- Raymeo, Teressa, you and me in the front row of the classroom, and the way we blatantly passed notes to one another on a daily basis. A whole foolscap paper at a time. Four-way chats. I remember the time Raymeo kept writing about being 'lovesick' but not wanting to reveal who he liked...because she was sitting right beside him!

- The time Mrs Foo was giving an English spelling retest for those in the class who had failed it, and we were one of the very few who didn't need to do the retest. So we were passing notes to each other without even bothering to pass the foolscap paper under the table. And she was standing right beside you. I remember we somehow ended up writing stuff like "F*** ah" "FISH ah" "FOOD ah" in increasing size, trying to come up with four-letter substitutes for the F word, and then all of a sudden Mrs Foo took the paper and looked at it for quite some time, and I was just like oh no, we're in trouble. And then she seemed to be chuckling. And then she put it back on your table.

- I think it was when we were in the hall for assembly in P5, during the period of time we were in that Gunbound craze. You passed me a piece of paper with all these complicated calculations. For your favourite Grub machine, you were able to determine how far you should press your space bar to attack, depending on the wind speed and the distance between you and your enemy. Or something. I was just like, WHAT?! NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT!

- The time I suddenly felt like you were gross and I started to avoid you. I can't remember why, but according to you, it's because you had told me you liked me HAHAHA

- Your angmoh eyes and your fat face in primary school.

- I think I've seen you in your secondary school uniform before! When was that? We didn't go for tuition or anything together, right? No, wait, there's a hole in my memory. I know we talked from time to time in secondary school, but I can't remember a thing.

- Lisa, you and me at West Coast Park after the O's, going crazy on that spinny thing.

- Taking the train to school together in JC1! I remember in the beginning we were just crazy about AC. Doing AC cheers in the train. Most mornings you'd find me in my half-awake state on the train, groaning in sleepiness and incapable of registering your words.

- Your birthday (left), when we went back to Jurong West Primary and weren't allowed to enter, and your birthday dinner with the JWPS pals!

- Your sky-high Econs marks for every exercise. Mdm Yati loved you. I'd look at your 8/10 and stare at my 3/10, wondering what I'd give to have your brain...

- One day in Econs class, another one of those days I was ranting to you, and you went "Haiya...why is love so hard..." and before I knew it, although you were sympathising with me and listening with all your sincerity, your carefree and happy nature had lifted my mood too.

- H1 Math class, when during one of the tests, you got 22/25 or something, and I got 11/25. And I kept vowing that I wouldn't fail the next math test, but I failed three times in a row. And once I got 12/25 and went "HA! I PASSED!" and you went "Um, 12/25 isn't a pass...wah you really fail at math."

- You topping the cohort in H1 Math, while I got a C.

- You showing me your coin trick in math class. And your iPhone card trick. And various other random tricks. Usually when I was in some bad mood. You'd be quiet for a while, then suddenly your face would brighten up and you'd say "Eh Karen I show you something." And your desperate enthusiasm alone would be enough to lift my heart.

- That night in Macs before the exams, with you helping me grasp all the Econs concepts.

- One of the days just before the A Level Math paper. YOU GOT ME TO RIDE ON THE BACK OF YOUR BIKE AND WE CYCLED TO GEK POH! I remember screaming throughout. It was the first time I had ridden as a passenger on a bicycle, standing at the back with my hands on your shoulders. That was insane. Anyway,I hadn't touched Math since the mid-years, and I was determined to get an A. I kept bugging you every couple of seconds because I couldn't do a single Math question. Thank you so much for being so patient with me and answering every question I had, even though you probably didn't manage to get any studying done in the end.

- I can't remember if this was on the same day, but we were also at Gek Poh and you set us a little contest for speed and accuracy with each question on the Math paper. Thanks so much for always trying to help me, for making studying fun.

- Lisa and you and me at Jurong Point for dinner, and I was suanning you so much without realising that I had, again, forgotten your birthday.

- Your random gifts to girls when you meet them, because you're such a gentleman. Hershey's for Lisa and me, and a lollipop for me when we met for the birthday dinner I owed you.

- And, lastly, today, an awesome chill day with your camera and going to random places and just hanging out and enjoying the company of a friend. Love your photos!

And where are the lousy photos I took of you?! Now I only have your photos of myself to put here!

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