Apr 11, 2012

Our alter ego resides in our hearts

Note to self:

Every night you go to bed chastising yourself. Every night you tell yourself this must stop. You know it has to stop. But even as you scold yourself you're still doing it. Your brain tries to knock some sense into your heart but the heart has grown to engulf that reprimanding voice in your head. You have to do something about this.

If you can't put it out, at least try to contain it. Set boundaries of iron, because if you even touch that boundary it will burn you just as badly as the fire within would. Remember the iron walls that will hurt you, a severe warning.

You know what you're made of. You know what you deserve. You're worth the treasures in Heaven, and you will only settle for the gold. There's no point searching for the true treasures that will come your way when the time is right. Don't settle for the base metal by clothing it with the illusion of gold. You're more than aware of what the faraway voice in your head is screaming, so try and let it grow stronger. Allow your heart to give way a little, if only a little. Remember the One who already has your path planned out, who understands and still watches out for you even as you continue to run blindly into walls in this labyrinth. There's only one way out, and only He can show you the way. Stop desperately running into dead ends; you'll only hurt yourself more. You know you will only settle for the gold.

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