Jan 27, 2012

there's no use trying

Forbidden chests remain locked for a reason. The thrill of discovering a wealth of gold and all you've ever wanted gives you a surge of inexplicable joy. You let your need for this joy overcome your common sense and before you know it you're picking at the lock, carefully lifting the heavy lid.

So what if we won't last forever, so what if she's too pretty and smart to be mine for long. I'll do anything just to have her for a few weeks, the boy thinks as he picks the lock, too excited, too excited for that one girl, ignoring God's warning that they were never meant to be.

He finally breaks open the lock, that barrier that has been keeping him from his goal for so long. He looks inside and is overwhelmed by paradise. The treasures sing out to him, beckoning, the mask of heaven concealing their curse. The sweet aroma of indulgence intoxicates him. For weeks, months, he dives into a golden world, one that was never his to be.

But God has his ways, too. What was never meant to be yours will eventually be taken away from you somehow, and when he is finally banished once again from that fantasy land, his soul falls apart. Why, he screams in rage. Why, when everything was so perfect. We were made for each other, I just know it.

But it wasn't perfect. It was missing the one element that makes everything truly perfect: God.

When He locks up a treasure chest, we have to accept that only His way will ever prevail.

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