Dec 28, 2011

que sera, sera

I've been spending the entire day on the computer researching universities and courses and wondering how I'm going to start my uni application essay all over again and I walk out to look for my specs because I'm getting a headache and he calls me over.

She's twenty five and a dentist and her dad proudly shows me pictures of her dog, her friends, her boyfriend, her life in Melbourne. Fragments of memories stir inside me - of me in her bedroom once upon a time, watching the dog curl up inside the closet. Everyone said we looked alike when we were younger. She even went to AC for a while, even though she knew she was going away.

Back in my room I stare at the pages of university rankings and the dilemma that's screaming at me in the face: law or literature? law or literature? and my incomplete uni applications and the decisions I have to make right now, right now, that will determine the whole life's path ahead. Time's running out two more days to the US universities' application deadline and I'm far, far from done, not much longer till UK's applications are due and I'm considering a whole course change, gotta rewrite my essay, talk to people who know better, pray like mad, pray like mad, make the decisions now

que sera, sera


Anonymous said...

You could always take a double degree in literature and law!

They are such routes in many Australian universities and they happen to be cheaper than the UK or the US.

Otherwise, there's always Yale-NUS College which will start it's very first semester in 2013. They offer a concurrent liberal arts and law degree.

Hope it helps!


Hannah Karen Ho said...

Haha, it's funny. I happen to be going to Yale-NUS College next year :) I thought it through, and I think the main reason I was thinking of law was because I could. And I don't want to do law just because I can. I'm glad I decided to be a part of this liberal arts college, and I'm sure it's going to be amazing for me. Thanks!