Oct 29, 2011

you take my hand and drive me head first, fearless

The fearlessness of love belongs to people who know the pain is as much of a guarantee as the happiness but blindly dive into love anyway, embracing life, daring Death.

Don't seek to take so much control over your life, all that predictability, over-discipline, not daring yourself to hurt. Life is the beginning of death, but that doesn't mean we don't give it a shot. Dare, dare to fall head-first, knowing you'll reach the bottom where your brain and guts and heart will splatter on the earth, because all that matters is that you'll know what it's like to fly.

He said 'Then don't make me your world. Make me something smaller, until you're sure."

But I remember she once said just let go. Love is beautiful when you let go and live it like you'll never get hurt.

Amazing music video.

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