Aug 16, 2011

When I want to find you I just close my eyes

Singapore's education system is only for a few people, those who can sit at a table and look at words for hours. That doesn't make you the best worker.

My mind takes a zero tolerance approach to studying. I cannot focus, cannot get into the mood, cannot stare at the highlighted words without spacing out every few seconds.

My mind's a wanderer, even when there's nothing left to explore in the corners and crevices of my (rather small) brain. It makes up new landscapes then. Whole new colourful worlds that are out to defy all logic: "he'll never do that in real life". (logic in the behavioural sense, not the physical, who pays attention to physical detail anyway?)

I'm a super feelings-oriented person. My worlds are of feelings. The colours in the sky, the wind, they're memories of feelings. Often I don't remember what a person said or did, but I remember how I felt about it, what I thought.
(I don't remember how you stood, or where your hands were exactly, but I remember the grip that you didn't loosen on me.)
Wait, is that even a memory? Or was it made up in my mind, as with everything else?


...Just saying. Must've been the Economics overdose.

"Faith produces good works, but good works do not produce faith – just as milk produces butter, but butter does not produce milk." - Reinhard Bonnke

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