Jul 9, 2011

That anonymous post on non sequitur

Darkness. Just you and me and the dim streetlamp a distance away.

In you I found comfort. I’m a shy girl, but my apprehension seemed to disintegrate around you. We were laughing, laughing about the littlest things. No one around to hear us. I wasn’t afraid.

Your arm around my waist. A certain spark in your eyes as you smiled at me. And then you weren’t smiling anymore.

Your eyes wide and heart pounding – like mine – like little kids' –
I closed my eyes.

My heart caught on that spark of yours. And then it burst into dazzling, screaming flames. My heart was on fire.

I barely knew you before today, but now you were electricity, surging through every vein and nerve, penetrating the thick protective walls of my heart to reach the coldest corners. Your beautiful name was all I could think about. Your beautiful name, resounding in my head; it formed a melody with the flames. Your breath was music. Love. I hardly knew you but I loved you. Perfect chemistry, like I needed it. But with all the bursting sweetness came a little pang. And the sourness slowly grew with the kisses until it became a black liquid, engulfing the honey, engulfing me.

Black. Black tears, out of my heart and your eyes. I forced myself to meet your gaze, and I saw hurt and realization – I wonder if you knew how much I felt your pain. And trembling fear. Tears.

You left me in the darkness, to curl up in the cold. It wasn’t this cold earlier on – you sucked the warmth out of me.

Your arms left trails of fire on my body. Now they were nothing but burn marks, cold holes, screaming for your touch once again.

Should’ve known you'd bring me heartache – almost-lovers always do.

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