Jul 4, 2011

Short update: Exco Retreat = Best Time Of My Life

Crab-catching, star-gazing, laughing ourselves crazy;
Worries cast beyond where the sky meets the sea;
What more to life could there be -
than laughter, love and a family

Best three days ever. We went to this resort place - huts on stilts on the sea - Telunas, Batam (Indonesia). It was the most amazing time of my life. The endless sea we called the 'infinity pool', awesome crabs on the beach, dancing Dynamite in the water, lying on the deck just admiring the awesome starry sky, getting squid-inked...

sitting at the deck with our feet dangling, the sound of waves below, sunnies on, listening to Alex play the guitar, singing random worship songs -

the time of our lives.

A longer Exco Retreat update and pictures some other time! Anyway there are a whole lot on Facebook - check out Abigail Nyam's awesome albumsssssssssssss

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