Jun 17, 2011

Back at the start of this Council journey

...because, thanks to the fit I got into when I couldn't access all my Council-related posts, I spent 6 hours figuring out what was wrong and changing my HTML entirely just for this:


So, now that I can view all my Council-related posts,

I was looking back at the beginning - Council interview, one-liners, the beginning of my Exco journey.

Back to the beginning.

The day the 8 of us attended the 34ths' Annual GM, their last meeting, I wrote:

After the 34th Council's general meeting, Andrew Fok talked to the eight of us 35ths about it and as he talked I sensed his strong love for the Councillors and I felt really bad about the fact that they'd be stepping down from Council to make way for us new kids. I felt like it wasn't right. Who are we to be responsible for continuing the legacy the fantastic 34th Students' Council left behind? To let their strong bond and loud laughter and strong dedication be replaced by... newbies. I guess, like Andrew said, we'll grow to become like them someday - hopefully.

Letting go's always a risk the seniors have to take, a parting the seniors wish would never come. Somehow, during the GM, while watching the farewell videos and watching the seniors do the Council cheer, I actually felt... guilty to be one of those who were going to take their place.

I remember how I felt. Seeing how cheerful and bonded the 34ths were and looking at the videos of their times together made me feel guilty about taking their place. They didn't want to step down, they had created such a great legacy and it was left to us new ones to continue. I didn't feel as stressed as I felt apologetic. Weirdly apologetic, that these great bunch of seniors were going to leave, and they had no choice but to leave the rest to us.

Now we've risen up. We've made our own mistakes and grown, we've worked hard to make our seniors proud - and perhaps to tell ourselves (or myself) that the seniors' stepping down, their giving way to us, would be worth something. That replacing their laughter and their love would be our laughter, our love. It would carry on.


And it's time for our amazing bond, molded by tough times and celebrations and crazy dinners, to be replaced yet again. The seats in the LT where we have our General Meetings now, they'll be taken by another group of young, eager Councillors.

And the cycle of passion repeats itself.

It's good to know we've passed on the love for Council. Now it's almost time to let go, set a new batch free. They'll struggle, but if they keep their heads above the water, they'll survive - and they'll grow stronger.

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