Jun 27, 2011

4 & 5) Times where things were good / not good

4) Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good.
....woah, what?

Primary 5 and 6, maybe; ignoring the primary school infatuation nonsense (because people were saying he liked another girl HAHAHA and I asked him on the phone and there was a long pause before a small 'yes' and then a series of coughs HAHAHA), it was when I had Rachel and Teressa, and it was the start of my JJ craze. A clique transition, maybe; my P4 clique was separated now because of the classes and Rupini and Aruna were growing much, much closer to Didi (was that what we called her?) instead and I felt pretty much of an outcast and then Mandy joined in and then it was worse because we were an odd number and I was still the left out one and then Marilyn came in and we were like yay, it's an even number! And Marilyn and I were really close for a while and then wait, there was a hugeeee fight -
okay maybe it wasn't a time when things were constantly good.

Okay I've thought of one time. A time when things were going great, both in school and out of school, with the 2c1 dancers and the excited girls with a common love and a small dream. it wasn't a long period of time.

lingling, amelia and i usually take the mrt home together after dance practices; it’s unbelievable, the greatest memories i have of my sec 2 life took place there.
memories of ling saying random stupid stuff while amelia rolled her eyes sarcastically, of ling and i shouting “BYE CHENGCHENG!” as amelia got off at dover, of ling and i laughing whenever amelia lost her balance, of me pouring out my feelings to ling in the packed train, and realising that these were the best friends i could ever get.
and on the train after the last dance practice of the 2007 school year, amelia announced, “i don’t care. next year even though we’re all split up into different classes, we must still take the train home together okay.” :)

Gosh I love Crescent Dance and the 2c1 dancers. Nadine Joan Amelia Lingling Shermin and me.

5) Write about a period of time in your life where things were not so good.
Just one period?

Maybe the stretch in 2009 after the breakup and I realised I had taken that one person to be the center of my life such that I had no one else - barely any friends, really. The first day in, like, a year eight months and almost three weeks that I took the train back home alone, and realised the emptiness of it all. That was three months before the O Levels.
Getting a little out of hand in my conversations with another guy who had also just gone through a breakup, not in the sense that emotions were running too high too fast - we both didn't like each other that way - but other things were getting out of hand, and getting very, very hard to get out of.
Crying on the day of the Math O Levels. On someone else's bed.

Or maybe in 2007 when I didn't know what was happening to me when I felt like distancing myself from the sweetest best friend anyone could ever have, and then distancing myself from my whole group of friends in the process. Feeling very misunderstood and very guilty. But that was different because I made a new friend in the storm, and in each other we found a glimmer of hope.

Or maybe in end-2008, when I was struggling in Dance with my new post - and struggling with the gossip and the disrespect and that huge fight we got into on the day that was supposed to be a really special, happy one for me.

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