Aug 23, 2009

My new favourite word.

That electric rush surging through my entire soul, setting it on fire as you come on me.

(This is for personal reference only)

Again. She had been rejected a million times before; she should have gotten used to it by now. Why did she expect this audition to be any different? Why was she so upset? If only she could find a way to kill the hope inside her; it only caused her pain.

She sat at her desk and stared out of the window, gazing morosely at the sullen sky. It had just begun to rain; the fat drops pattering against the windowpane reflected how she felt inside: not awfully torn apart, just moody, and pensive.

Then, for a fraction of a second, the darkness of the sky disappeared and was replaced by a reddish-white light; had she blinked, she would have missed it. Many seconds later, a faint, angry, deep rumble followed, like the sound of a stampede of mammoths.

It intrigued her.

Slowly, the flashes of light grew more intense, and they sent electrifying pulses through her, leaving her in silent awe as they disappeared and left no trace of themselves when darkness immediately took over again, making her wonder if it had actually happened.

But the deep rumblings also came more frequently, and louder, and angrier, with each flash.

Then, as slowly as it came, it all died away again, until only the quiet pattering rain and the gloomy sky remained.

Once, Genie had found an interest in singing. She dared not confess it for a long time, for fear of ridicule, but the love silently grew inside her.

One day, she was suddenly full of hope, and she did it, she let her voice be heard.
Her friends thought it was a joke.
As soon as the hope had grown, it was immediately crushed, trampled on, shattered, and dead.

It was these little flashes of hope that surged through her every now and then, filling her with silent, secret joy, that caused her so much pain immediately after, when they were trampled on and forced to die, again and again.

Now, all that was left of her was muted hurt - for her heart had been torn apart so many times before that only a numbing pain remained - and gloom.

Outside, the rain poured.

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