Jul 20, 2009

My school's gotten H1N1!

It's inevitable, really, looking at the number of cases in Singapore (okay, they don't even bother keeping track anymore, but still, can guess right) and how fast it has spread. I'm telling you, the government isn't doing enough. But I think I've said enough in my July 15th post (entitled I lub Sumay).

So anyway, being the kiasi person I am, I've decided to take precautions by:
- Avoiding the canteen and other common school areas as much as possible. I'll try my best to stay in the classroom unless I need to go to the toilet (to wash my hands like mad with the school's gross flourescent pink soap). I'll bring my lovely Dettol hand sanitiser along (although I'm kind of doubting the effectiveness of it). I'll bring food to school everyday (it was Shepherd's Pie today, and it'll be Shepherd's Pie tomorrow, and maybe fried noodles from that day onwards) and actually record down my temperature in the log book (but only 2/3 of the people with H1N1 get fevers!).

I'm not socially responsible enough to give dear Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a miss though. YAY I LOVE HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THE MOVIE YAY MADDIE AND JANICE!!!

Mental turmoil

I'm afraid to see what you've blogged, or hear from you.
You shouldn't be reading this.

Thank you Janey for being someone I can share my problems with anytime, and for just being there for me with (real or written) hugs and pats, for laughing with me, and for sharing your own problems with me all the time, because I feel like a friend. You have no idea how grateful I feel, really, I don't know how I'd survive the day without you. *virtual hug*

Thank you Yao De for burning a hole in my wallet (okay, my wallet's non-existent because I lost it, together with my IC, couple ring, 4 JJFC membership cards, and a whole lot of other precious things, including the wallet itself) pouch (LOL) with all that SMS conversations. Yeah I feel the money slipping through my fingers already, but it keeps me from feeling lonely (:

Thank you Jason for...everything.

Thank you Annie for your concern and advice, and Amelia for your hug and what you said on MSN, and even Jovina, and Sperm, and everyone else who helped me in one way or another. I love you guys.

Oh and how could I forget Carmen? Dear, you're an angel (:
"Sweetie, I know you're going through a hard time. But always remember that God is with you. Never let Satan get into your head and tell you otherwise. You are God's child, you have the right to cast that thought our of you. Dear, we're all going through hard times, but also remember that it's the journey that really counts and makes us a stronger person. I love you dear, stay strong!"

That's incredibly sweet, coming from someone who 1) isn't really a close friend of mine, and 2) has lost a mother. I mean, if I were you, I'd probably just shrug it off as, you know, just another one of 'em lame breakups, and say 'cmon, try being me. But you didn't and that really touched me, and I love you for that.

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