Jul 23, 2009

Fast fast update

There doesn't seem to be any time to do anything anymore, eh? So quick update, if I have the time I'll upload pictures and elaborate etc. Not very likely though, 'cos Prelims are in a months' time.

1) Yao De's trying to make me more demure, so he made a bet with me two days ago. If I manage to refrain from saying "uncouth words" this week, he'll treat me to LJS. If not, I'll treat him. Yknow usually stuff like "s**t" and "d**m" (Cannot say already!) are used to emphasize stuff etc.? So it's taking me quite a while to stop. I think I have to treat him already *looks at savings in despair*
So anyway, I shall expand my vocabulary so that I can express what I want to say and emphasize how strongly I feel about it without using "uncouth words"! And I need to expand my vocabulary anyway. Yay, two in one! DEMURE LADY!!!

2) Racial Harmony Day was...somehow quite a miserable day. To me, anyway. I don't know why. Last year it was really fun; this year it really didn't seem like much. :/ Took a lot of pictures though.

3) CHINESE LISTENING COMPRE O'S WAS THE HARDEST LISTENING COMPRE I'VE EVER DONE!!!! Like, Mdm Lim gave us 2005-2008 Listening Compre O's papers to practice, and the only LC I didn't score FULL MARKS for was 2008 (I think I got 16 or 18?) Yeah but this one was really tough!!!! I really hope I can get at least 18/20. Oh the humiliation I'll face when I don't get my A2. Haha. It's okay. I trust that God will take me where he wants to take me. Heh. Anyway what's done is done; now I must concentrate on my English.

4) Watched HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE with MADDIE and JANICE after Chinese LC on Wednesday! It wasn't as good as the other Harry Potter movies lah really. Definitely wasn't as good as I expected it to be. It's still great though. (Duh lah it's Harry Potter leh) Janice said it was BORING D: Haha Maddie and I were like "How can it be boring? It's Harry Potter leh!"
Oh man some people don't get it. Harry Potter is like...LEGENDARY! The Star Wars of the century! Ahh some people live sad lives. *Hint hint Jessie*

Oh, took neoprints too. Very ugly. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm getting uglier. I bet it's stress. HEH.
Then then then we were trying to put the coins in the machine, and when it came to the last coin I tried about four times but it just wouldn't go in, so I was quite irritated. Then Janice took the coin from me and said "In Jesus' name this coin shall be accepted!" AND IT WENT IN WAHAHAHA GOD'S GOT A COOL SENSE OF HUMOR YAY \m/

5) Gosh I don't know why but I've got a weird fetish for old and gay men. Shan't talk about the gay part, I might get an S.O. from the school HEH HEH HEH, but I really like that substitute Chem teacher Mr Teo! His pronunciation's atrocious but he teaches AT MY PACE (i.e. very very very slowly), which is amazing. I never thought there'd be a Chem teacher who would go that slow. What's more, he even asked "Am I going to fast?" WAH THAT DID IT I LOVE HIM HAHAHA
And I used to really detest Mr Toh but eh I LOVE HIM TOO! His pronunciation is quite bad too, but his voice is HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY. Like, there was this time he said something and then the class was very quiet so we thought he was done then he suddenly shouted "THEN", which gave me quite a shock hahaha. Kelly said he sounds like he's always in pain. And I think his way of teaching is quite good leh! Like, I actually understand what he teaches. I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND INTEGRATION NOW!!! Like, :D

Oh no. This post's rather long for a "fast fast update" eh :/

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