Jun 20, 2009

I want an English tutor

If I don't get an A1 for English,
If I don't get 9 points (which is very highly probable),
If I don't make it into Mass Comm at Ngee Ann Poly or SAJC (I'd rather go to NP),
I will die.

I need to brush up on my English. I NEED HELP! My vocab and description skills suck. Did anyone see Amanda Yew's descriptive essay on A Typical Day?

The monotonous drag of the drone of his voice drowned the room, suffocating. The whiteboard, dirty and dusty from remnants from markers, was littered with numbers and letters that blurred together. A steady rhythm ebbed through the atmosphere in the classroom as the rain pelted softly upon the windows.

I looked up to watch the blades of fan swivel round and around its scratched silver axis as my thoughts circled in my head. My eyelids weighed down over my eyes as the teacher paced back and forth.

The clock ticked, second by second. Then the school bell rang, reverberating in my ears…

Like wah lao, mine was something about Charlie Choy and A math. My vocab skills are about as good as that of a primary school kid. In fact, I bet my Sec 1 essays were much better than my essays now. I guess my writing skills have gone down tremendously because I don't read anymore. I haven't finished a single book since the beginning of the year, and I only attempted to read two books - one spiritual one, and one boring one. Like, -.- -.- -.-

I used to think my English was good because I used to top the class for English all the time in Primary school, but that was only because everyone else was Chinese speaking (and thus I was always the one who did the worst for Chinese and HMT). Now I know my English is only slightly above average; it isn't good ENOUGH. It isn't as good as I would like it to be (but then again, nothing is) and I really need to improve and read more but I don't have time to!

I NEED HELP! I need help. I need to expand my vocab and improve on my description skills. And I failed my English MYE compre. How is that going to guarantee me an A1?


I'm aiming for a very high A1 for Oral. For the Prelims I got 34/40. My reading aloud was 11/12, Conversation was 14/16, but my picture description totally pulled me down, 9/12.

I need help. I really really cannot get anything less than an A1 for English.

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