Jun 5, 2009

Dance practice at Nan Hua

First, I have to say this.
The media arrived in the afternoon, when the parade square ground was really hot, and we had to pose BAREFOOT while they cameras filmed don't-care-who say a few sentences, and then we had to dance barefoot, and our feet were getting cooked so we were more concerned about our feet than the dance moves so our expressions were D: and we didn't dance well and the cameraman filmed it all down.

Thank goodness the news only showed the good parts HAHA.

Okay for the rest of it. We made Laoshi quite angry :/ Sorry Laoshi. We did waste a lot of time lah. Small misunderstandings and stuff. Sorry Nan Hua for making you guys cook in the sun. Really sorry.

Poor Maycia had really bad breathing difficulties; I almost cried praying for her.

Finale is FUN! I'm paired up with a small Nan Hua boy who's extremely cute HAHA.


Nan Hua's french braids are awesome.

Okay end of story. I sound like a lame ass but whatever.

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