May 28, 2009

One more reason I'm depressed over the loss of my wallet

My wallet contains the one picture I have of our P6 clique:

Taken by Wanying's phone's camera I think, under the spiral-ish staircase, where we always played Blind Mice during recess. MEMORIES MEMORIES
Rupini, Teressa, Rachel, Marilyn, me, Chen Min, Aruna, Wanying, Mandy, Didi & Jayden. (I hope Jy doesn't see this)

Thank goodness I took a picture of it before my wallet got lost. The paper the picture is printed on is in terrible condition yes I know and the picture is really small (slightly bigger than a namecard) and the quality's bad, but this is the only picture the whole clique has taken together (apart from class photos).

I LOVE you guys, I LOVE 6B'05, and I LOVE my primary school.

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