May 19, 2009

My birthday

Thank you:
My schoolmates - Annie (who hugged me), Janeen (who hugged me, and offered me a celery stick, and jumped on me - yes, she wished me Happy Birthday three times), Guin, Jessie, Yen Ler, Joan, Lingling, Jieying, Jiawei, Qiqi, Janey, Iman, and the rest who wished me Happy Birthday, 4S2A and Crescent Dance for the birthday song,

My other frineds - Sumay (who got up at 12am to wish me Happy Birthday), Xiao Xuan, Jt, Jan, Mad, Hannah, Luhong, Jacey, Darren, Rachel (who dedicated half a post to me AWW THANKS RACHEL), Laoshi, Jason, W412, and all the others,

My relatives - 7yee, 4yee, Joel, Shu En,

And someone I didn't expect to remember who I was - Siew Xian.

Lub you all!

Janice and Maddie were da bomb, they gave me a cute pouch with two undies inside - a pink polka dotted one with a lot of "KAREN"s along the elastic band, and a Topshop Superman one. I was laughing at the Superman one then Maddie went "Oi!" and pulled down her skinnies a little to show me that she was wearing the same one too HAHAHAHAHA

Cuixiao gave me a notebook with the female toilet sign on it and a string of English words that don't really make sense but are hilarious to look at, 

Luan Ling gave me a keychain I ended up giving Cuixiao because she wanted it so badly -.-

Dear W412 gave Jt and I cakes and CDs, 

Sumay gave me something from Bali, 

4S2A gave me a cool tube of lip gloss (and the brush of it happens to be the kind I've been looking for!) that shimmers a lot and has a mirror at the side of the tube AND the bottom of the cap lights up when you take it out so that you can see where you're applying it HAHA,

Dear Guin gave me this super nice guitar necklace I can't bear to wear and an extremely extremely sweet letter.
(Guin, if I have the time I'll blog about it or something some other time)

But the presents don't matter, it's the sincerity in the wishes you guys gave me that matter so much more (:

Here's a birthday thought. I read it from Shuzhen's blog a long long time ago and found it very true.
When you celebrate your birthday, you're just celebrating ... your existence. You're celebrating being alive, having been born. What's there to celebrate about that?
It should be your mother who should celebrate instead, because she spent that many years bringing you up so painstakingly and that many years ago, when she gave birth to you, that was the most painful thing she'd ever done. (By the way, giving birth is more painful than getting shot. Nadine told me that in Sec 2 haha.)

I really want to blog about my birthday party with J4M but there's no time no time! And I want all the pictures!
J4M, upload your pictures on Facebook okay? I'll upload them too after I've edited the lighting! (And when I have the time!) Thanks!

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