May 15, 2009

Janeen's 16th party

I have like 215 pics (initially I had 360), and Janeen hasn't given me hers yet, but nvm I'll blog this first.
I uploaded a few pictures on Facebook, Teryne and Shyan uploaded too so whoever wants to see them can kope from us! 

Audrey, Jolin, Deena, Jovina, Kelly, Jessie, Teryne, Jenna, Shyan, Wanmin, Jieying and Isabella, Janeen and me.
I arrived half an hour late (6.30) but was the first S2-er to be there, that proves we're terrible at time management! My camera ran out of battery about one pathetic hour later so I abducted Kelly's and Jenna's camera. 

..You know what, I'm too lazy to blog it now, so I'll let the pictures paint the story.
(Also check out the album Shyan and Teryne uploaded. But Shyan temporarily deactivated her Facebook, until Chinese O's are over)

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