May 4, 2009

I'm completely drenched by the rain and Janey and Teryne are laughing at me

No more having to struggle with an MP3 player which has a dysfunctional on/off button. But actually Creative's good because the rechargeable battery is not built-in, it can be taken out, so if I spoil the battery life I can just buy another battery instead of having to send it for repair. I can't bear to part with my music.
The iPod has GAMES! :D
Dear Incomplete,I'm sorry for the post if you read it. If you haven't read it yet, don't. Anw I changed the font to Webdings so you won't accidentally read it or something. I was in a rage at that time; forgive me. 
Look, I'm caught in between, if you don't understand. You might not like them anymore. I still do. I still love them. You're like, bitching to me about people I love, what do you expect me to do, say oh yes I agree yes they suck?Well anyway, from now on, I will try my absolute best to change. I'm sorry you guys had to hide things from me, I'm sorry I don't understand, I'm sorry I'm drifting away. I want to be someone you can confide in. I want to be there. I still want to be a part of you guys. I want there to still be a J4M, that isn't just for show, but is truly the best of friends.
From now on, I will try my very best to silence my own opinions, they don't matter. Even if I feel you're wrong, even if I have lots of things to rebut, I will try my very best. I won't let my opinions regarding this situation be known to you guys. I will try my best, even if I feel what you say is unfair to these people, even if I feel what you say is  wrong, even if I totally disagree, even if I feel you're being stupid and unreasonable. I will try my best.
I have very strong opinions when it comes to certain things, and you must know by now my strongest characteristic, like a typical Taurian, is that I'm stubborn. But for the sake of my friends..
I'll probably pour out my feelings and opinions to Jacey. If not, who?

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