May 10, 2009

"Dance like you're on S factor!"

(Class joke - S factor = Slut factor)

Janeen's party was the most fun I've had since the beginning of the year. This makes me realise how boring my life has been.

Since the beginning of this year I haven't watched a single movie, although I really wanted to watch quite a number of shows,
I haven't gone shopping with a friend,
haven't gone out with a friend,
not even after school.
Other than school, I only go for cell group, piano lessons and Chem tuition. Mmmmm. And I can't even go for Fellowship and stuff. Not even Church service.

Hahaha. The most probable reason I keep getting moody and angry is because I've got too little fun. But there's no time for that now. Now I need to prepare for O's. I really really really really really want an A2 for Chinese, but the chances are so low.

韵怡,要相信自己!你一定做得到的!亡羊补牢, 未为晚也! (Did I use that appropriately?)

Anyway, will blog about Janeen's party when I get all the photos muahaha. LOVE you guys, and thanks Janeen!

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