May 14, 2009

Another $500 camera gone thanks to me

Lost my camera.


I cannot live life without a camera. Today Janeen and Jessie had an interesting fight in the canteen + Jessie stuck a straw into her hair (pretending it was a chopstick). Hahaha.

I'm extremely fascinated by Forever 21 Japan & Korea. SO COOL! The Japan F21 website has coloured HAIRCLIPS haha. There's one necklace from the Korean website I really like. Alagammai says I'm going mad.

I asked two Sec 2s (I think) to cab to school from Redhill MRT with me today. I paid their share. One of them gave a shocked look when I rejected the money. :D

"Oh, F.....ergalicious!"
- Kelly

My idea of an eventful day has become terribly warped. Thanks to bloody O's.

I want to celebrate my & jt's birthdays with J4M, this week on Friday after Cell group they'll come to my house for a sleepover, and then on Saturday we'll go out celebrating together. Wild wild wet! (I'm praying my p___ ends before Sat, but it's highly unlikely because it usually lasts for 8 days and it'd probably end on Monday. But all things are possible through Christ! :D HAHA)
So anyway the problem is, this week I've got quite a bit of homework:
- Chinese ying yong wens (I've got 1 overdue, and another 2 due next week)
- A math
- A super super super super long Chem worksheet. 
We'll probably have more Chinese homework too

So on Friday, after school ends at 4 I'll have to rush home and then for Cell group, then they'll be coming over already, then we'll probably spend the whole Saturday together so there'd be no time even to practice my piano for piano class on Sunday morning (so I'll play super horribly and my teacher will die). And on Sunday I won't have much time (and motivation) to do work so I'll just end up dying in school on Monday. 
And I need to study.
And I don't know if my p___ would have ended by then.

But if I hold it next week, it would be like ONE WEEK AWAY from my O's! And I'll need to mug. (I really want an A2 for Chinese. I got C5 for Chinese prelims. Go ahead and laugh.)


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