Apr 20, 2009

The typical school week of a Sec 4

- Chem mock test (on everything we've learnt since Sec3)
- Ting Xie on 30 Chinese phrases/idioms

- Hand up Chinese functional writing 4 (丝函 on a friend who's gone astray and watches porn online and has lost interest in his studies. WTH?! How to write a letter to convince him to study? Please lah like as if he'd listen to you)
- Chinese oral practice with Laoshi at 6.30AM
- Chinese Mid Years Oral Exam
- Parent's Seminar 6pm @ AVT

- A Math class test on Differentiation (Chap 14) & Rates of Change (Chap 15.1)
- Chem tuition (no dance)

- Bio test - Reproduction in Plants, Reproduction in Mammals, Respiration
- Geog graded asst.

Good luck for Midyears, juniors!

SS MYE on 7 May, I'm FREAKING DEAD I totally didn't know and I haven't studied at all can.
 Today Dance ends at around 6.30 or so, then by the time I reach home it'd be like 7.30, eat bathe 8.40, and then I have to memorise 30 phrases and idioms and study everything we've learnt for Chem which is A LOT.


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