Apr 27, 2009

The roast chicken's giving me indigestion

Today I went back to OB for a while to help Janice with harmonizing. She was supposed to sing the harmony (and beatbox) for a song someone in the singer course composed.

Gosh I LOVE the tune, it's really nice, the composition is great, and the demo totally doesn't sound like a demo at all, it sounds like a real song by a singer can! She used a professional studio to record it because she knew a producer. GOSH SO COOL. I wish I could post it up or something but no lah I'm not that stupid. Anw, it's really nice, and to you whoever you are, WO PEI FU NI!

So anyway, I'm downloading Acid Music Studio so that I can record the harmony for Janice, and it's taking TWO HOURS?!?!??! The last time I downloaded it it was only like a few seconds lah!

I feel like trying my hand at composing again, so I came up with a tune, and it turns out my tune is one of those mega boring + dull songs that would become very unheard and unknown. Haiz.

It's like, you realise you can do something, and you're happy about it, and then you realise everyone else beat you to it anyway. 

It's like as if I'm, wow, Mount Faber! I'm a Mount! And then I realise there's Bukit Batok Hill. And then I realise Malaysia has what, a whole bloody stretch of nice mountains and that isn't even all the mountains there are in Malaysia, and then I realise that the whole world is sprinkled with mountains everywhere, and then I realise I'm not even a Mountain. -.- (It's the best analogy I can come up with, it's not meant to be funny :/)


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