Apr 18, 2009

I want my abs back

"SYF'05 was an experience of a lifetime.
It matured me, disciplined me, made me stronger.
Torture was when I just couldn't get out of bed from the aches or the tiredness each morning. Applying Yoko Yoko, Salonpas, whatever it took to get my mind off the pain.
Normal functions were difficult, my hands were too weak to lift my food to my mouth, my back was too painful to bend down and pick things; my thighs were too worn out to walk;
but I pressed on- knowing that the other 61 members were all going through the exact same thing."
- Chuyun

SYF'07 was tough too. I don't know if it's as tough as SYF'05 was, but still, the stuff we went through was incredible.
I remember how it would take me two agonizing minutes just to sit down because my thighs hurt like mad.

AYG training isn't hard enough. I'm worried for us.

Heya juinor, Jy told me something about you I don't think you would've wanted me to know. Haha. I didn't expect you to be that kind.  (:

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