Apr 24, 2009

I shout my declarations but my actions are barely a whisper

Three weeks.
I hope we'll stick to it k? You can't afford to waste time coming all the way here to see me anymore.
 Study hard x333

With my common test results, I wouldn't even make it to JC. Maybe I should strike SAJC off my list and settle for LaSalle/NAFA, so I'd have one less choice to consider. Hahaha.

But I know I don't mean it. I really don't want to screw up my future.

I need need need to get an A1 for my English but my compre skills suck like mad, my functional writing skills aren't good enough and it's hard to get an A1 for compo. So how?
I need need need to get an A1 for my Bio but I can't do essay questions for nuts, I can get like, what, 2/10 for an essay question? Ironic. I write too much for structured questions and too little for essays.
I need need need to get at least a B3 for my Chinese. I'm freaked out. Explanation not needed.
I need need need to get an A2 for my E math. How to get A2 when I'm failing?!

So you'd expect me to study right? Guess what I'm doing now. -.-

I need a sense of urrrrgennnncyyyyyyyyy.

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