Apr 25, 2009

"Facebook connects." -.-

Talked to someone I haven't talked to in an extremely long time - Bryson.
We liked each other in primary school for what, three years? Actually no I'm not sure if he liked that Jia Ying girl in P5 but well, that's an estimate.

(After analyzing a long time ago I realised we didn't like each other because we liked each other. In P1 and 2 we were great friends, played with each other and got scolded together etc, then in P3 the idea of "love" kicked in and people made fun of us talking to each other, so we stopped talking, but deep down we yearned for that friendship again, and it developed into infatuation I guess.)

Ok anyway that's not the point. He's in Choir in Commonwealth Sec and they got GOLD WITH HONOURS! :O (Jt and the Crescent Choir people, don't feel so sad hahaha)

We talked about SYF and AYG and stepping down, and I realised it felt really weird, to realise that my primary school friend is now... a Sec 4 senior who's stepping down! :/

I mean yah I'm a Sec 4 senior who's stepping down too but you know, when you talk to someone you haven't talked to in an extremely long time it feels like as if that person has been... "stagnant" in time. I don't know how to describe it, but you know, when you talk to a friend you've lost contact with for 4 years, how much we've all grown strikes you.

I told Bryson that Jieying had changed a lot, and I showed him a picture of her now. You know, the change from cute blur long-haired Jieying to.. Jayden. HAHA. Bryson freaked out (as expected), he couldn't tell that was her. I think she's definitely changed the most out of all of the JWPS people who came to Crescent (Lisa, Yingyan, Siya, Wani, Huiyan, Sharani, Jy and me)

Then he told me about Wei Nian from my P6 class, he's now in CHOIR (?!) and "he's like super beng now", he loves pink, layers and styles his hair, and "tapers his pants". Like WHAT?!?! Extremely hilarious k. I mean, Wei Nian, an AH BENG?!

Bryson said "Change is good", because you can surprise old friends. Then I went "What, like Jieying?" then he said "No, Jieying is SHOCK!" 

:D Catching up with old friends is fun.

Actually I think I haven't really talked to him properly since P2, because after that we always tried to avoid one another to stop rumors (although they just kept spreading). Apart from that time Mdm Ue made us pair up with someone of the opposite gender and do stupid ballroom dancing. HAHAHA.

Hello, memories. (:

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