Oct 6, 2008

I shouldn't be spending my money away like that

Just spent $30+++ on a whole load of crap.
I really hope this stuff works man. My face is in serious need of help D:

Now we know why they're the Triple Sciencers:

Two weeks before exams (26 Sep. Not counting Eng exam):
Triple Sciencer (at the end of an SMS-chat): Study hard yeah!

Three days before exams (26 Sep):
Classmate (shouting to the rest of the class): Eh has anyone actually started studying yet?

Goals for the FYEs:

Triple Sciencer: Ohman I hope I don't fail anything!

More than 2 of our subject teachers: If you guys are aiming for 100% promotion this year *points to Kelly's "Class goals: 100% promotion" on the board* some of you are going to have to work really really really hard.

Our form teacher: Come we must aim to get 100% promotion! Nobody's going to retain okay?

(For the juniors who don't know - or the triple sciencers too, because it's impossible for them not to get promoted so they don't know the criteria to get promoted - the criteria to get promoted is at least a pass for English and two other subjects, or if you fail English, at least five passes.)

Yes now we all know why.

Eh I was eligible for triple science okay? I just didn't take it because I know I can't handle three sciences and I'm a slacker so I can't manage so many subjects. But I have a feeling that I'd be studying so so so much harder right now if I went to 3c1 (I was contemplating about whether to go to take Triple sciences or Chem+Bio for a really really long time, because I have an interest in Bio but my dad's an upper sec Phy teacher, and Chem's compulsory so no choice) but I went to 3s2a instead, and yes we all know how much I'm slacking.
I think the class environment affects us a lot.
Actually the people in my class are smart but we're just too lazy. (yes all the teachers keep emphasizing this, especially LJW). We do have the potential (come on s2a, we topped the level in Lit for MYE! :D) but because of what we think the teachers' impression of s2a is (The S classes used to be for combined sciences only so we all thought the teachers would look down on us even though more than half of us take Double Sci, and yes some of them actually did initially) we sort of think "Since they don't expect much of us there's no point trying". 
Plus like I think it's quite obvious that 3s2a is a more Arts class than a Science class. We're quite okay in our Humanities subjects (or we used to be in Geog for the first half of the year, until __) but we all suck at Sciences and Math subjects yes. E.g. For the common tests 3c3's average for Chem was AN A1 OMG. And our average was C5 or C6 ah. Then Mr Lee went "See? Your average not fail sia! Not bad!" when our scores were obviously so terrible compared to the other classes. And and for MYE the average E Math scores for our class was 34/100. Yeah. And only three people passed. Not even a B4 or B3 I think. I was fourth in position I think, and I got 48 yeah. And this china scholar got a BLOODY 96/100!!!!!)
But oh nooo, our school only offers bloody Science stream. And in the Science stream, they obviously focus more on your Science & Math subjects yes. (BLOODY HELL LUH, NOT OUR FAULT WE'RE NOT LEFT-BRAINED RIGHT!!!! RIGHT-BRAINED PEOPLE ARE COOL KAY!)
Yes so we're deemed the stupidest in a left-brained society.

Gosh, long post. I should be studying Chem.
Oh but what's the point? I'm going to fail anyway, and Eudz is going to top the class, but our class will still be the bottom 3 classes for Chem anyway.

And don't remind me about A math.

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