Sep 24, 2008

I'm so dead

I LOVE MISS JERENE SIM, although this is the first time I'm being taught by her (She's relieving Mr Lee because he's doing something with the Sec 4s)
She's very energetic, gets my attention and everything. And I think I understand her much much much better than Mr Lee also.

Haha yesterday was a damn eventful day:
1) Wanted to go to Suntec to repair my phone but at City Hall I realised that my phone was more or less okay already so I decided to turn back but I met this ah ma asking me how to go to Carrefour so I told her I was going to Suntec too so I walked with her. Then like she was damn nice the whole way, talking about the stress of secondary school life and how her daughter used to be from Crescent too and even asked me if I'd eaten already hahaha. Then she seemed like damn grateful to me and everything hahaha :D She's damn cute!
2) After showing her the way to Carrefour I saw Sasa and I couldn't resist the temptation to go inside and have a look, and then the salesperson who attended to me was SO DAMN NICE TO ME I felt so guilty about not intending to buy anything. She was very sweet and recommended me stuff and gave me tips and everything. So in the end I got this cool mascara remover thing for $16.90. It lookslike mascara but the tip looks more like a comb and not like a brush, and it's remover inside the bottle instead of mascara. Hope it works well (:
3) Went to OASIS CAFE (!!!) to buy food for Laogong, and there was chicken kebab for $5.50 (:D!!!) so I bought that then while the guy was making it the woman at the counter asked if she could take a look at my phone. She was like damn interested in my straw heart keychains :O

The world's so full of nice people heehee

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