Nov 17, 2007

stupid piano class clashes with EVERYTHING.

janice celeste jt and i planned to meet at 1.45 today to pass up that jj card thingy.
(btw, yesterday i used the glitter spray i bought from shermin to spray all over the card! IT'S SUPER NICE OKAY! but i also got it all over my sofa/floor/mum's bills/coffee table/book list.)
met jt at 1pm at boon lay mrt, then we took the train to city hall!
and when celeste and janice told us they'd be late jt and i decided to "go walk walk" first. and we ended up walking to suntec so we decided to pangseh celeste and janice and give the card first. :D
and we were halfway there when celeste called and told jt that she was at the mrt station but didnt know how to get to suntec, SO WE HAD TO WALK ALL THE WAY BACK.
eh it's super long can!?!
and so we walked all the way back to fetch celeste.
the first thing she said when she saw us was "you all siao one".
yah like that's the thanks we get for going all the way back to fetch you right!! -.- XD
and we walked all the way back to suntec and celeste said "karen your piano's at 2.45 right? you'e late already. IT'S 2.30 NOW."
so i passed the card to jt and asked me to help me pass it. and i rushed back to the mrt.
and i was 15 mins late for piano. :P
and later after piano jt called me and she, celeste and janice were still at the oasis cafe thingy! really wish i were with you guys :(

"our hands are already superglued together lah! :D"

is that how i look like from the back?! EEEEEEEEE! :(

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