Oct 17, 2006

took neoprints with jy and ym and vana and nade today!!! <3333>
the 1st machine we took is the one with the sofa. and i dunno why but i always look crappy when i take in that machine. =.= i like the 2nd machine more lorh. it's a $9 one, the one right opposite the counter. that one make everyone look very nice and it was so hard to choose which one to select. and we wrote "mr teo rocks" on one cos the design had test tubes on it. haha. and on another one got me and ym in front then the design got 2 tables in front then it's so cool cos in real life we really sit beside each other lol. and we didnt realise until we were designing on it.
i will treasure this day forever!! <333333>

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