Oct 22, 2006

my mum says maybe if 25 and 26 dun have dance prac then on 24 after dance prac i rush to msia for 7yee's wedding then come back to singapore.. but i confirm cannot go genting cos by the time i reach there they'll be on their way back le lol. aiya so sad lor. my mum say she try see whether they can arrange another one next time lor. but dunno if i can make it then also... mus hope for the best there'll be no more dance pracs/performances when i go msia lorh. or worse, what if my parents go aus next yr and i cannot go?! (like poor Lynn, sacrifice trip to aus cos of dance) cos we were supposed to go this yr but cos after buying tablet no more savings le so cant. amelia lucky lorh, can go taiwan. amelia, if u see anything nice mus buy for me hor ~~ u didnt buy me bday pressie this year ahh.. (ok i noe i didnt buy her anything too.. oh no i bought her a 30cents oreo i tink) MUST OKAY.. esp any jj stuff. u wan me to pay u back the money oso can but u die die mus buy any jj stuff u see for me

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