Oct 23, 2006

came home at 7.40 today! haix.. then it was so dark.. aiya at least better than the time i came home at 8.00 wahaha
and the costume for the bumble bee dance is so HIDEOUS on me. i mean it's nice on gloria and shermin but not on pple like me! and the skirt so nice like i got legs to show off liddat. shudder. i think my fat legs will kill the audience. thank goodness it's gonna be super dark when i do the solo XD
oh SU CHANG (from jjfc de) came up with a jj "cheer" : *JUN JIE ZAI WEI, SUO XIANG WU DI* omg so nice la cos "jun jie zai wei" is actually a phrase with jj's name inside it O_O so cool can! and it means "when an outstanding person is in the area" then "suo xiang wu di" means "there are no enemies in the area" so it can mean:
1) when an outstanding person is in the area, there are no enemies
2) when JJ is in the area, there are no enemies
yay one more day to hype up concert!! love sumay cos her aunt got free tix then i can go :D yay!
sumay finally put up her blog! and the url has nothing to do with jj =.= she said she was planning to do sth like "jj and me" or "hyperjjfan" but i snatched the two first muahahaha (my url is hyperjjfan and my blog title is jj and me.) XDXD

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