Jun 25, 2006

THE JJ CONCERT ROCKED!!!!! u noe when i was wit the other jjfc members outside indoor stadium could hear jj rehearsing!! tried to tape down but too noisy turned out to be a load of fuzzy crap. and i painted mi face like the one in the jj concert poster (all the jjfc ppl did that)- damn nice! and in the indoor stadium, on way back from toilet, saw J3!!! (superband de, jy n jj used to be from there as J5) and the concert soo rocked. managed to take alot of vids. n he cried while singing sarang heyo! cried for soo long!! aaah! and he sang dou jiang you tiao.. screamed like mad, everyone around where i was sitting was staring at mi. n he thanked jjfc like abt 2-3 times, i rmb he said "ni men zui bang" (you guys are the best). and --- wah lau, cant say finish lah. i'm bringing the vids to sch, ppl!!!
and the QIAN MING HUI OMGOMGOMGOMG rocked lah. it started at 4.30 bt i went there at 9am. bt it was damn worth the wait. and during the qian ming hui he looked at mi cam for like soooo long soo mani times lah!!! aah!!! so cute! wo bei ta mi dao le!!! n i was actually the first in the line, means i was supposed to be the 1st to get his autograph, then later alot of ppl cut queue so i bcame 5th. haiz. n he was supposed to sign the xie zhen ji, cao cao albums (both designs), and karaoke vcd n dvd, but to let everyone have at least 1 auto they sae onli can sign one at a time, so mus queue up again for more. i had the cao cao album. the karapke vcd n the xie zhen ji. i got someone else to help me get the auto for the dvd, then i lined up twice for the caocao album n xie zhen ji. he shook mi hand TWICE! i told miself i'll never wash it but i forgot and bathed and washed it!! NOOO!!!!! aiyah nvm mayb some of his cells are still there. heh. so cute! n he looked at mi cam alot. for damn long. AAAH! then i screamed and held up mi "jjfc" black thingy n waved it around like mad.
i took alot of vids. i'll post them up later or sth. too bad i din manage to snap him in the van when he left. cos mi dad had the cam. =.=

Jun 23, 2006

woots! jj concert tomorrow!
SHIT LAH i sent mi specs for repairing (the lens cracked) and it was supposed to be ready today but it isn't and that guy says if i want it back the earliest i can have it back is on monday cos the place where they repair it isn't open on sat & sun. and my degree is not like 50 or whatever okay, one side is 150 the other is like 270-300. i cant even see properly while wathcing tv u think i can see properly during the CONCERT?! WAH LAU! GO THERE CANT SEE A THING LAH PLS! n even if its on like big screen or sth i'll still have problems seeing! WAT KIND OF SERVICE LAH?!?! AND got the qian ming hui i also wont be able to see clearly.. nooo.. u noe mi dad says if there are any more jj stuff this year i 99 per cent wont be allowed to go. shit lah. i join the jjfc, finally can meet others with same interest and everything and i cant go?! so the only 2 times i can see him this year (most probably) i'm without my specs. LIKE, OH GREAT. AND i've got that stupid pimple outbreak. u noe how frustrating it is to have all the wrong things crop up at the wrong time?!?!?!

Jun 21, 2006

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x7N8S5IO-c go watch! ultra cute! jj n stella huang (hey shes from crescent yahoo) act de. jj acts spoilt n he has this pacifier in his mouth(uh, like, eww?) damn cute!!
ok so the kbox thingy is off. *pout* but on sunday (the day after the JJ concert) jj will be holding an autograph session at tampines, century square. is actually at 4.30 but jjfc is queuing at 8.00. haha. means i got to wake up at 6 or something, mayb 5.30. NOO! I WAN TO SLEEP!!! actually can sleep there cos gt nothing to do for EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS. haha.
omigosh its like wednesday!! 3 MORE DAYS TO JUST JJ WORLD TOUR! YEAH MAN! and u noe we jjfc members are supposed to wear the jjfc tshirt and paint our face with blue n silver, like jj did in the concert ad. yeahoo!

Jun 16, 2006

my mum says heck care that shermin lim pizza hut incident. too bad i cant go with jjfc. i'll be going with my dad n bro. yucks. BUT AT LEAST I'M GOING! OMG! MY MUM IS SOO NICE! aaaah

Jun 13, 2006

just came back from dance camp. thigh calf shoulder arm muscles are sching. n i got a headache, presumably a fever. but wat to do? if i skip it i scared the ppl kick me out or something (look at that girls case today. who was it? suzhen ah? cant rmb. anywae the teacher was saying if you dont come from dance can kick u out and all that). maybe it was the waterbomb that caused this. but it was fun. i got pail-dunked twice, but not waterbombed. =.= and sprayed ALOT by jolene. (oopsie thats how u spell it right?) and i washed my hair in the canteen sink. and the nightwalk.. ERMS.. ok i think it was partly bcos 1) i was last so i din noe wat was going on when they screamed, 2) i recognised the ppl, 3) when i said hi they said hi back, 4) joycelyn (not the sec 1 one, the jc one) did all the screaming for me. Oh ya and also 5) christine told the people to "not make it so scary" cos joycelyn was SO scared. i think the toilet part was quite scary.
ok my cartwheel has improved. last time it was 0%. now it's 60%, i just have to keep my left leg straight and land properly instead of sitting on the floor. :)

Jun 10, 2006

WOOTS! the just jj concert officially starts today in shanghai!!!! FINALLY!!
gosh i've been waiting for this day man. for the jj concert to start. and its has! ok now i'm going to count down to the number of days to jj concert in singapore.. 2 weeks more! sad dat on dat day i got tuition and piano. =.=
woah saw joel chin at jurong east mrt on the way to piano. he look retarded with his braces. (ok i noe i cant say anything cos i also wear and i don't exactly look like a goddess la)

Jun 9, 2006

wah lau im like mad la
i wanted to go kbox with sumay then mi mum was like "no way unless i follow u guys into e rm" like wah lau lah!!! then sumay n i were like ERM, OK, then fine la, we don go kbox just go take neoprints la. after all i need a nice pic for the jj card wat (read prev. post). then my mum was like "no way im going to let u wander around by urselves" like WAH LAU! this holidae really veri sian leh. cant go msia go visit my beloved cousins, cant go jj concert jus cos i got home later than expected, cant go fren's hse play, even do homework oso cannot lah. wah lau. wat kind of holiday,..

Jun 8, 2006

cos they're saying the day of the concert, after that, they MIGHT hold this jjfc gathering at kbox, and jj will be there!!!!! WOAH! and they're saying they wan to present jj with this "award" and i'm chipping in $5! (ok i noe u guys r thinking come on lah is only 5 bucks, but it's alot when you're really broke okay, and somemore i onli have PLASTIC NOTES! i love plastic notes <333)>
Recently fell in love with this show called Gokusen, yah it's jap. a few of the guys really cute dao bu xing man. love the show! then when i told yuki abt it she was like "i watched that show last year!" yay! but so stupid la my dad onli bought the vcd so onli got chinese subtitles. n is fan ti zi lah. thank god i can read fan ti zi. ^^

Jun 2, 2006

ok we oneceeoners are going to suffer like hell over this homework. i haven't even finished one-third. u noe i was talking to mi australian fren n i went "ive got a lot of hw" and she was like "hw during sch hols?!" WAH LAU WHEN I WAS IN PRI ONE ALREADY GOT HOLIDAY HW LEH its just so bloddy unfair. i guess singapore is trying to be more and more advanceed or stg i rmb once mdm beena said the day before psle she only flipped through her book then went out to play. i think if we were born like 12 years earlier we wouldn't be stressed. oh i just realised if we were born then i would be same age as jj! ahahaha