Apr 18, 2006

can you guys just respect my opinions and views? just because you guys say it's so dosen't make it so, right? i dun like something is my problem right? just accept it lah! everyone has different opinions what. My australian friend hates jj, but that dosen't mean i go around telling everyone she's so mean and stupid and bad taste right? i'm perfectly ok with that what! not everyone likes jj right? my classmate hates computer studies. so? too bad for her lah! anyway, what i'm trying to say ( i know i can be very long-winded and not make any sense at all), is that can you guys respect my views about stuff? just because you all think it's fun dosen't mean i can't think it's boring right? THANK YOU FOR BOTHERING TO READ THIS!

Apr 14, 2006

the most expensive ticket for jj's concert is only $128 leh!
ive already saved $100!
that means i only need to save for 2 more weeks leh!
And the jj party is on 23 april.. for those who bought the jj cd and has the ticket, MUST GO! it' s at singapore expo at 7 pm. but i'm soo going there extra early. which means i'll probably leave the house at 3. WHAT? expo is all the way at the other side of sg leh! i live at boon lay ok!
omigod i hate my legs! they're so freaking FAT! aahh...
why is it that when i look into the mirror in my mum's room i look short and fat but when i look into the mirror in my room i look not so fat?
and my blog cant freaking view chinese words.看不到我现在在写什么对吗? see?!
i owe nadine soo much. she taught me how to do screenshots. i've been wanting to do screenshots of so so many things since i was P5 man. esp when i was playing gunbound i used to want to take a screenshot cos the characters were so cute. and it's nice looking at yourself firing bombs at someone else, and knowing that he's still alive and well and playing Gunbound. XD

Apr 2, 2006

yi yuan & jiahui and adriano & nadine and khim & lynette and teresa tseng & lingling have the same birthday! and clara's birthday is 1 day before mine! ok so those who don't watch campus superstar at all will have no idea who and what i'm talking about.
i bought the campus superstar cd liao! so nice, especially track 1 (Ai Mei by teresa), track 2 (er shi er by zhiyang), track 6 (jia gei wo by adriano), track 9 (zai yi ci yong you by yvonne, i never liked her but i love this song), track 10 (chu ci zhi wai by yiyuan) and track 11 (By Now)! aah! going crazy over it. i feel like such a betrayer to jj right now.
Angela Chang (zhang shao han) is 38KG?!?! she's 24 years old and the same weight as me! i feel so motivated to lose weight by her now lah. *sob*
I bought her (^^^^) cd. not very nice leh, but i love love love track 7 (bao hu se, the tune was written by jj! but that's not the reason i like it so much lah) and track 9 also not bad. well, i guess bao hu se was worth the $7.90 (so cheap right? i got it at this small cd stall next to the ntuc near jurong east interchange).
teresa's school's choir teacher is both my school's ex- choir teacher (before the yucko present one) and my mum's nus choir friend (that means sarah's and sumay's mums know him too!)
jj's sad sad story: He was going out with this girl for abbout 3 years, and it was a really really serious relationship (the most serious one out of 3, i think). and it was her that encouraged him to take part in singing competitions and become a singer. so without her i there would be no jj! :O and then he became very very busy cos of his singing career and started neglecting her a lot, then decided to break up with her. and he was really really sad and wrote two songs for her "chi bang" and another song sang by ah-do. another one: he liked this girl and decided to tell her on his birthday. when he told her she said that she once dreamt she was going out, not with him but with his good friend. and then he realised "ni yao de bu shi wo" or "the one you want is not me". now when he sings his song "ni yao de bu shi wo" (track 10 of cao cao), he thinks of the girl.
hong yu yang can do 18 pull-ups (is the standing up with hands high up above you and u have to heave yourself up one, not the easy inclined pull-ups we do now), and runs for about 1/2 an hr to 1 hr a week! HE MAD OR WAT AH? SO FREE MEH?!
gosh. i just got so excited just now when i came across this video of jj auditioning for OB music(how many thousand years ago mann), and when i clicked on the link my BLODDY COM COULDNT DL IT! TORTURE MAN! WAH LAU!
my gosh.. need to calm down.